lunes, marzo 03, 2008


Dado lo que significa para mí el fin de febrero y también en parte después de haber visto Control, los dejo con Voices de Human Drama[YouTube]:

Innocent afraid thoughts create an adult play
Too scared to cry
Walk on by
Penetrating eyes seem to see all
Witness a lie
Resist command
Walk on by

I will never take my life

Mother's only son behind a mask a world unknown
That speaks to him
Walk on by
I am so sad says the voice inside his head
In a familiar voice
Walk on by

I will never take my life

Accept no blame if I give in
The boundaries of my mind
Reach farther then you see

Sometimes it's so loud
It is so clear what I hear
Is what I feel
Walk on by

What defines strength
Accepting life
Or choosing to die?
What do the strong decide?
I walk on by

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