martes, enero 22, 2008

LATA Special Issue

Nuestro último paper sobre autómatas, SI! Automata Can Show PSPACE Results for Description Logics fue finalmente aceptado para una entrega especial de Information and Computation dedicada a lenguajes y autómatas.
Como ya mencioné antes, el título viene a ser una broma aprovechando que usamos la lógica SI, y los organizadores eran de España. Como pasó en la versión para el congreso, uno de los referees no entendió la broma:

The title of the paper looks too pompous. Si!

En fin, un artículo más que terminar para el próximo mes.

5 comentarios:

Hekanibru dijo...

Genial! Muchas felicidades Rafa!

Rafael Peñaloza dijo...

Muchas gracias, Hector!

basti dijo...

"SI! Rafa rocks" ;-))

Congratulations on your journal article ... great!

Next congrat. for being part of the "Local Arrangement Committee" for DL WS 08. I do expect cookies, chips, well, and if it's not too much effort, you could provide some Uncle Jack to entertain the bored part of the community :-p

Anyways, w.r.t. the previous blog entry labeled "Rafis": will you stop spending too much time with Franzi! On first sight I thought it was him, not you. Actually, it is you, right? Now I'm having doubts again, sorry ... :-p

(I do hope I will guess the correct stupid palabra-blabla this time ... I AM human!)

Rafael Peñaloza dijo...

Hej, Basti!
Good to see you around! So, you are coming to DL? I have not yet started writing my paper, but I hope to have it ready on time... I am now in sick leave, hope to start tomorrow :P

And yes, the guy with the pot is me. Do I really look like Franz? I have not seen him in 3 months! hehehehe

So I guess I will see you soon... and let me check what can I do with respect to Uncle Jack ...

basti dijo...

Yeah, well, I only decided for a topic last monday myself.

Sooo ... I don't know whether I'll be there. But Jack surely will be a motivation :-D

Get well soon!