lunes, julio 09, 2007

To the lady in blue dress and red bag

To the lady in blue dress and red bag travelling a parallel route from Aix to Leipzig. I don't even know your name -- I really wish I had asked -- but if you ever read this, I have to thank you for making up my day. It was indeed a great way to both, finish my trip to Aix, and celebrate a late-birthday.
As you may have seen now, I am very easy to please. Just a small smile, or that simple exchange of words made me feel happy back at home... and a lot less lonely. So, once again, thank you for the small details.
And in case you are wondering, I don't usually approach strangers that way. It took me seven hours or repeatedly seeing you to make me take the plunge.

2 comentarios:

Hekanibru dijo...

Ayyyyy conquistadors!! :D.

Rafael Peñaloza dijo...

Ya quisiera, hector, ya quisiera :P