domingo, septiembre 24, 2006

Good bye

This will be the first post written in english in this blog, but this time it is necessary, for I want non-spanish-speakers to read it.
Yesterday we had a farewell celebration, I'm not sure if I can call it a party, for my moving to Leipzig. It could hardly have been better than it was; the setting, the people, the execution, it made me very, very happy.
The celebration was made next to the Elbe, across from the city center, at night. We sat on the grass, and could see the historic buildings, enjoy one of the last good-weather days, before the autumn strikes for real, and grill peacefully. This scene is one I will, for sure, remember when I see back to my days living in Dresden: me, with friends, next to the famous historic buildings, two of which were renovated and re-opened during my two year period here, grilling, eating good (though a little raw, or a little burned) food, drinking a beer (or whatever the next level was at the time), breathing air mixed with the smoke from the grill carried by the wind, greeting a dog that came and with good manners waiter for his bone.
Yesterday I told this so many times that they probably got really tired of listening it, but I have to say it again: Thank you, thank you all, the ones that were there, and the ones that missed, for making my time in Dresden one of the greatest experiences I have ever had, and helping me go over the dark days I had back at the end of 2004, beginnig of 2005 that you might not remember, but I will never forget. Suffering mixed with laughs; that was a short definition of my life.
Before I start crying now, for the tears are fighting hard to leave my lacrimal, let me state who was there: Basti (remember, the lion is never as it is painted), Dung (pronounced something like Dzung), Yusri (his name is Bong, Yusri Bong), the two 'Mads (that arrived late, and I have no picture of, sorry guys), Maria (a friend of Ahmad), and of course, the one that could have not missed this one, Rochy (the other mexican in CL). Some people that would have been very nice to have there, but were not present for different reasons: Vivek, with an endless repository of stories to tell, and a very particular way of doing so; Wiwi, of course, with her joy and laughter; and many others, but if I start giving the names of all, I would never finish.
To finish a great night, while I was waiting for my tram back home, a german approached me, and I was able to chat with him, in german. It was, of course, a very basic conversation: where are you from, what do you do, etc; but I was happy to be able to understand him, and chat gleefully for some five minutes.
That is all, I am not away from Dresden forever, I will still come every week, but now I know that I am not a Dresdner anymore; the master years are over, this was the time planned to leave, one way or the other.

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Rochy dijo...

And now a new stage starts. Be happy for looking behind, but also see optimistically what comes in front. If in the future Dresden comes back or not, it will be for the best, but your memories will be there, coming happily, and you will say "I LIVED 2 years in Dresden"

Rafael Peñaloza dijo...

Looking behind has never been my best, but lately I am starting to enjoy that.
Dresden will always be a paradise for me, and I am really thankful for the opportunity of living here.

bastti dijo...

It was a great pleasure to share my two master years with you. I still remember one of the first days (the very first Automata&Logic exercise meeting):
Barbara was desperately looking for a guy who does a proof and apparently no one did it. And you just stand up, ask her what to prove and then just did it, though you never heard anything of automata before. For you that might have been normal, but for me this was a quite impressive scene:p

And there are so many other things i will never forget like these shoutings in my car after soccer arena visits (though vivek is equally talented as you:p), ... or if it is only that totally spoiled rowing event on a rainy day :D

I really appreciate the time we spent together and hope that we will meet again in the next levels of our lifes.

PS: If you ever plan to start your own business, think of me... i'll be in ;)

Rafael Peñaloza dijo...

And you said that my words were nice, Basti? But I have to defend myself. After the Automata&Logic thing, I was very surprised too; I couldn't believe that Automata Theory could be that easy :P.
About the shouting in the car, I am practicing as much as possible, but I still think Vivek is a lot better than me in it; he usually manages to take half of his body out of the window too.
I know for sure that we will meet again in the future, but the possibilities of an own business look too far for me.

Ing. Cardioide dijo...

Just like Rochy wrote... A new stage starts. I know it is a little bit difficult at the beginning, but it's easy to adapt ;) (notice that I am in a similar situation)

Good luck in this new stage! Keep writing!


Rafael Peñaloza dijo...

Thank you Lalo, and there is no doubt about it, I will continue writing for a long time ;)

Yusri dijo...

Hmm.. like basti has said, it is really a great pleasure to share these years with a genius like Rafa. What can I say, there is always a good bye after a meeting. And this may be it for you and me.

We did a lot of crazy stuffs together, starting travelling to Belgium, France, and Netherlands without almost no plan at all until crazy bicycle riding to Magdeburg which we never made it in the end.

I am not so good in saying good things and good bye, at least not as good as Basti's hidden talent :p But I really hope that we can meet each other again sometime in the future.

And one more thing that I will never forget. You are a very good drinker. I have never seen you get drunk. Not even once :)

Okay, selamat tinggal!

Anónimo dijo...

Hi Rafael, this is tayyab. i missed the good-bye party man. Well i am always been secluded from you guys thats wht I hate about myself, so didn't know about this party. But anyway there is no point of me saying good-bye to you as we gotta meet regularly in future on formal bases. So the real good bye is yet to come for us two.... anyway I wish you all the best for your next and all destinations yet to come. I dont wana say much in praise of you although you deserve that but you may feel arrogant ;) (I know you are a humble guy).

Rafael Peñaloza dijo...

Oh, Yusri, what a nice trip we had to the west. I still remember, we were celebrating Christmas, it was already 25th of December, and you told be: we are going to travel - when? - on the 26th, want to join? - sure!. That was crazy for sure.
On the drunkness side, I for sure have never slept in the bathroom or dissappeared for 4 hours, but that doesn't mean I was always in absolute control of myself ;).

Thank you, Tayyab, I will be seeing you, and you better write a VERY good thesis :P

Rafael Peñaloza dijo...

Just to make my previous comment complete, I don't know who has been sleeping at the bathroom

wiwi dijo...

Fael... :)
Too bad I missed your farewell..though in someway I'm glad I've never said goodbye to you ;)

How'r u doin' there in Leipzig? Very well, I believe :) So pal, enjoy and have the best of time! and hey...arent u going to step on each place on the world? then we're going to meet oneday :D

Rafael Peñaloza dijo...

Well, Wiwi... I am still waiting for that wedding invitation ;)