jueves, octubre 11, 2007

It turns out that I am English!

I have for a long time claimed that I am not a typical mexican. But now it turns out that I am so untypical as a mexican, as to become a typical english!
Let me explain myself.
I am now around three quarters through Watching the English, a social-anthropology book by Kate Fox. While she describes lots of things applicable to human-kind as a whole, there are several traits that she regards as "unique to the english"; and I actually fall into most of them.
As a simple example I can include the continuous use of hidden irony whenever I write, speak or whatever, always associated with what she calls "understatements" and the "Importance-of-NOT-Being-Earnest" rule. More of this, I have no sense of dressing style when there are no fixed rules for it, just as she claims english men are, and I do not regard food as a fundamental part of my life.
Being more detailed, I would be a perfect-match middle- to upper-middle-class english, thanks to the fact that the class system in England does not depend on the income, but rather on the raise and education - otherwise, I would rather fit in the working-class scale, given my student life. This means that I am both "posh" and "naff" at the same time, depending on who you ask.
Oh, now that I think about it, I have also very undeveloped social skills, complain silently of whatever I don't like - but never to whom I should complain -, make (and like) ordered queues, and have a complete disregard whatsoever of money-talks.
There is only one thing that I can think of that differentiates me from englishmen: my secret love for albures - I don't mean regular stupid puns, but rather the real, hardcore albures one can only find in Mexico, and that I do laugh or change my face when I use this sutil humour, rather than keeping a complete straight face as english people do.
Oh, well, I suppose it is just my way of being extravagant in order to fit in the social scene. I better go back to my castle and work in my garden. Typical!.

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Shaka dijo...

No sé si en ese libro se explique si hay alguna forma de saber qué tanto eres un Inglés. En caso de que sea posible saberlo, y en caso de que existiera un libro de antropología "Watching the Mexican" :P, sería intersante saber qué tanto eres un atípico mexicano :). Saludos Rafa!

Rochy dijo...

Jeje pues de hecho si hay, Shaka: el laberinto de la soledad ;-). Rafa: Si, yo se que tienes un castillo y me lo ocultas? :}