jueves, octubre 20, 2005


Hoy me llegó este mail, que les copio textual (resaltando unas palabras clave):

Hi Rafael,Rocio,& Bruno

I am sorry to inform you that the plan for going to Magdeburg for this week end is being cancelled.

For furhter question regarding it, pls refer to Rafael or Yusri.

No entiendo. Para mayor información sobre la cancelación de mi viaje, me tengo que referir a mí mismo.

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Bruno dijo...

Come on...
Of course you know self-reference and recursiveness... What's the problem of it??
Just keep asking yourself over and over again why the Magdeburg plans were cancelled... If you have lucky, some day you will reach a terminal conditional... :-)

By the way, where is the map pinpointing tool??

Rafael Peñaloza dijo...

Bruno, nice to see you around here.
You can find my map here, but it is made with the Google Maps API.
I can help you later to build yours if you want.

Grajeda dijo...

ok ok... tienes que referirte a ti mismo...

pero hay algo que me parecio todavia más extraño.

Además que te tienes que dirigir a ti mismo tambien te tienes que dirigir a Rocio y a Bruno.... que tambien son tu???

o como????

Bruno dijo...

Hey Rafael!
Sorry for not commenting about your delicious chicken... It's just that I'm used to eating chicken in Brasil and everybody there knows what a chicken is... I try to be minimalistic in my weblog and write there only stuff that will be somewhat differente from what people in Brasil are used to... :-)

Bruno dijo...

Hey... Your GoogleMap applet is really very cool!! You must give me some tips on how to do it later...
Is it also possible to show edges between cities in the maps, in order to reperesent travel routes??

Rafael Peñaloza dijo...

Bruno, the only thing that I added to the map are the markers; the rest is part of Google Maps. Up to now, they only have the highways and so in USA, UK and Canada, but they say they will include the rest of the world.
One nice thing with this is that, as they improve the quality and information in the maps, it updates automatically in the maps (for example mine), so I just have to worry about the look of my part.